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Archive for the ‘Mobile Devl’ Category

A new iPhone app

Posted by decipherinfosys on August 31, 2012

Wanted to blog about both our 5 Million views milestone which happened yesterday as well as about a new iPhone app that is available in the market and created by our friends at Of late, we have been pretty busy with our projects and as a result have not been blogging that frequently but will start blogging again now with some of the lessons learnt on the new projects related to predictive intelligence projects.

Coming back to the app – it is called iHelp+ and is available in the iTunes AppStore.  Here is a brief description of the app:

iHelp+ is an iPhone application that allows users to alert a family member or a friend or a monitoring company with the touch of the screen.  The users have the ability to create an audible alert, silent alert or even a delayed alert when you want to make sure someone knows you should have arrived at a location and did not due to an un-forseen incident.  When an alert is triggered, the application will provide your contact/monitoring company with life saving information (Your GPS location and a phone number for the closest Public Service Access Point – PSAP).  iHelp+ also allows you to store your medical information and allows you to share this with first responders in-case of an emergency.  With 4 quick contact links you will also be able to reach out to your friends, family or care givers quickly all at the touch of a button.  This app is available only in the US right now.

This app can be used by any age group including teenagers as well as the elderly.  Here are the facebook, YouTube and twitter links for the app and the iTunes link:

We believe that this app can be very useful for the security and personal safety conscious individuals.

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