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Archive for the ‘CRM’ Category

MS Dynamics CRM v4: Many to Many Relationships Limitations

Posted by decipherinfosys on September 23, 2008

Even though Microsoft added M:N (Many to Many) relationship support to their CRM product, there are still a lot of issues with it. Some of the things that you need to keep in mind:

1) If you let MS Dynamics create the intersection table between the two custom entities which are in an M:N relationship, then there is no way for you to add any other attributes to that intersection table. This intersection table will have the GUID columns from the two parent tables and an additional GUID column for the intersection table itself.

2) The intersection table created by MS Dynamics does not support workflow. What this means is that one cannot fire off workflows when a record gets created that ties up those entities.

So, how can you get around those limitations? Well, a M:N relationship between two entities gets resolved by creating an intersection table. Rather than letting MS Dynamics create it for, you should create a table yourself and then define two N:1 relationships with the parent tables. That way, you can by pass both the issues that are mentioned above.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM links

Posted by decipherinfosys on September 19, 2008

As you dig more into MS Dynamics CRM, here are a list of some useful sites and blogs which you might find useful for your work:

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More CRM Wars

Posted by decipherinfosys on June 16, 2008 and Google partnered recently to allow the former to bundle google apps along with their CRM applications. The new combined package is called for GoogleApps and it is available for free to their customers. Their CRM applications integrate with Google App’s e-mail, documents, calender as well as IMs.

So, what does this mean for MS Dynamics? It means more competition to the MS Dynamics CRM Online version. This could also mean a potential buyout of by Google…only time will tell.

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Online version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Posted by decipherinfosys on April 29, 2008

Microsoft has provided an alternative to with their latest offering of Dynamics CRM’s online version. You can read up more over here: Intelligent Enterprise Dynamics CRM and the Microsoft’s press release.

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A new category – CRM

Posted by decipherinfosys on February 15, 2008

We are introducing a new category today on our blog – CRM. Our consulting team is also doing CRM related projects with SalesLogix, MS Dynamics, and open source CRMs like vtiger and SugarCRM. Watch this space as we start posting our experiences as well as tips and tricks for making the most of your CRM solutions.

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