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Archive for the ‘Blockchain’ Category

Coverage of all things pertaining to Blockchain Technology


Posted by decipherinfosys on April 17, 2016

There is a lot of discussion going on in the recent years on the topic of Blockchain Technology.  Some are calling it a hype while others are cautiously evaluating the business cases and the ROI of this technology.  We have been working for the past couple of months with some of our clients as well as future prospects to dig deeper into the potential of this new technology.  Through a series of posts, we will cover the facts about this new technology, the adoption by some of the bigger firms in different verticals, the different key players, consortiums and our own experience and advice on how to go about evaluating whether this will work for your company.

These are the topics that we will cover:

  1. Introduction
    1. What is Blockchain?
    2. Different Types of Blockchains
    3. Blockchain Technology vs The Bitcoin Blockchain
    4. Brief History and Timeline
    5. Key Players
    6. Blockchain Platforms
    7. Adoption in the Industry
    8. Consortiums
    9. Major Announcements and Pilot Programs
  2. Concerns
    1. Data Regulations
    2. Standards
    3. Performance
    4. Privacy
  3. Impact to different entities
    1. Consumers
    2. Organizations
    3. Developers
    4. Investments and M&A
  4. Use Cases
    1. Consumer Payments
    2. FinTech
    3. Healthcare
    4. Insurance
  5. Adopting Blockchain
    1. Taking a Phased approach
    2. Costs
    3. Testing


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