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Cognos or MSFT BI

Posted by decipherinfosys on February 25, 2010

Got a call from a friend yesterday evening.  His company is looking to move away from Cognos and to the MSFT BI solution – primarily due to cost (licensing as well as consultants costs).  Having never worked with Cognos, we cannot really do justice to a comparison between the two but did some research on the net to see what other folks have done when faced with a similar situation.  We are posting some of the links here which might be of interest to you in case you are ever faced with the same scenario:

BI Monkey had a very good post on this topic:

Other articles from the net:

Dundas is now fully integrated in SSRS 2008 (MSFT acquired their technology for integration in SQL Server 2008) – they are the premier company in data visualizations and dashboarding solutions:

If you have had experience moving from one of these platforms to the other, please share your experiences.

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