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Project Management Features in SSMS

Posted by decipherinfosys on June 5, 2009

SSMS in SQL Server has project management features similar to Visual Studio.  It does support a solution based development approach i.e. we can create a solution that comprises of projects which in turn comprises of other files like T-SQL files, XML files etc..    So, just like Visual Studio, SSMS now has a solution explorer window.  Let’s take a look at it – we clicked on view from the menu and then choose “Solution Explorer” to get that window on the right hand side.  You can right click and add a project to it:


Couple of things to note over here:

a) We can choose to add different kind of scripts including Analysis Services scripts.
b) The default location is under the users folder.  You can change it.
c) When you save it, the solution files are saved with an extension of *.ssmssln and the project files are saved with an extension of *.ssmsproj (this one is an XML file).
d) Once you have selected the kind of project that you want to create – (we selected the SQL Scripts project), in the solution explorer you will see three folders as shown below:

SSMS_SOL2And using SSMS, we can then do source control integration with TFS (Team Foundation Server) to help manage the versioning as well as deployments.  Before you can do the source control integration, you first need to set it up.  In order to do that, we first need to get Microsoft Source Code Control Interface provider which is available as a free download from MSFT.  If you are using Visual Studio 2008, then download the provider from here.  It comes in as a msi file and the install is straight forward.  Once you have done the install, you will then have the option of choosing your source control options from under Tools/Options and click on Source Control.  From the Plug in, you can select the MSCCI provider as the plug in.  Once that set up is done, just like in Visual Studio, you will be able to right click on the solution and add it to TFS.  And the check-in/check-out process works the same (those you will access from the File/Source Control menu).

Pretty neat feature and one that allows Developers and DBAs to get used to the same kind of tool sets.


  • Post by Andy on MSCCI and SSMS – here.
  • VSTS 2008 trial download – here and a post on Team System install – here.

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