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Improving Shareholder Communications

Posted by decipherinfosys on April 5, 2009

In this day and age of turmoil, some of the companies which are real leaders in the industry have taken the right approach of being more transparent to their shareholders.  GE is one of such companies which did a live Web conference in 2008 in addition to the reports released where the audience could also ask questions.

Along the same lines, Intel has taken it one step further along with help from Broadridge – they are going to be offering a Virtual Shareholder Meeting service which will allow intel to have the live meeting online also and also allow the shareholders to do live internet voting, ask questions and be “virtually” present during the meeting.  This is a game changer since it changes the way the traditional “event based” model was approached.  With the way things are moving, it seems like the shareholders will pretty soon be able to be in touch with the company on a regular basis (and ask questions/get clarifications or watch the company execs give out information about the company in the form of blogs/videos) rather than waiting for that annual meeting or a special meeting to happen.  That also will provide the much needed transparency and will allow the companies to gain the confidence of their shareholders.

Here is a great post by Dominic Jones on his site on this topic:

And also the corresponding press release by Broadridge on this topic:

We are sure that in the days to come, many other companies will be moving towards this direction now.

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