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Create parameter file from memory – Oracle 11g

Posted by decipherinfosys on March 7, 2009

Prior to Oracle 11g, we were used to creating pfile (parameter file) from spfile (server parameter file) and vice versa.  In 11g, Oracle has come up with a new syntax to create pfile and spfile from memory i.e. system wide parameter settings. Using this new syntax we can create new parameter file in text format from the existing initialization parameters.

It is very simple and syntax is shown below:

SQL> create pfile = ‘C:\inittest.ora’ from memory;

File created.

Similarly we can also create spfile from memory as well.

SQL> create spfile=’c:\sp_test.ora’ from memory;

File created.

When this command is issued in a RAC environment, it contains all parameter settings from all the instances. It always creates file on the database server. One should have sysdba or sysoper privilege to issue this statement.


Oracle 11g Reference Manual – here.

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