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Steps to display and enter Japanese data thru SQL *PLUS

Posted by decipherinfosys on March 1, 2009

Recently, at a client project we were dealing with a multi-language installation and had to use SQL *PLUS on Windows in order to make updates to the data in Japanese.  Here are the steps on how one can go about doing it:

Step # 1):  Start –> settings –> control panel –> double click Regional options.

· On the general Tab, keep ‘Your locale (Location)’ as it is. From ‘Language setting for the system’ select Japanese. Click Apply and Click ok. This requires reboot. Upon prompted for reboot, cancel it, we will reboot it later.

· This part may require to install some extra components. It will prompt for Windows CD, please insert the CD or point it to correct network folder so that missing components can be installed.

Step # 2):  Start –> Run , Type regedit and then enter. Edit the following registry keys:

· HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Nls/Codepage. At the very bottom, entry will be there for ACP. Normally value for this will be 1252. Right click on ACP, Modify its value to 932. (For Japanese support)

· HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ORACLE\HOMEX (Where x could be 0,1 etc..) Change following entries.


Ø SQLPLUS_FONT: Lucida Console


NOTE:  If SQLPLUS_ registry entries are not there, create both of them.

Step #3): Come out of the registry and reboot the box.

Step #4): After the machine comes up, cut and paste your code from the SQL*Plus prompt. You should be able to see this Japanese text exactly as it is during update as well as during selecting it back from the database.

UPDATE <table_name>

SET <column_name> = ‘キーワード

WHERE <criteria>


  • SQL *PLUS Globalization guide from Oracle – here.
  • Experts Exchange discussion on the same topic – here.

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