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A mistake by a team member

Posted by decipherinfosys on March 1, 2009

At Decipher, we had opened up the blog posting for every member of the team.  So, everyone from the senior members of the team to the junior-most members were allowed to post directly about their experiences as well as share their knowledge.  Recently, content was posted by a junior member of the team that didn’t properly reference the source article.  The post was subsequently removed immediately when this was brought to our attention.  We apologize for the trouble that this has caused and have worked out the issue with the original content owner.  To prevent this from occurring again in the future we have adopted the following standards for blog content being published:

1)  None of the posts will be published till those are reviewed and signed off by 2 senior members of the team.  Only senior members of the team will have the password to do the posts.  These senior members will also use tools like copyscape to ensure that the work is original and the sources are properly cited.

2)  A new format has been put into place where at the end of every post, one needs to have a Resources section which will have the sources as well as additional resources for reading cited.  All the sources will be linked in the content of the blog as well.  Most of the team members have been doing that from day one since that is the right thing to do but having a process in place forces everyone to follow it and do the right thing.

Admittedly, these processes will make blogging a bit slower but will ensure that such issues do not occur in the future.

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