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Windows – Disabling the Shutdown Event Manager Screen

Posted by decipherinfosys on February 9, 2009

Recently, while helping a client production staff with installation of their vendor application, there were several instances when we had to reboot the server every now and then and the client production staff (a Linux and Unix system admin) was becoming disgruntled by the Shutdown Event Manager Screen which asks for entering a comment prior to the reboot.  Now, there is a good reason why it is in place since besides the obvious “reboot by mistake” issue, it also helps you to keep record of the planned/unplanned reboots along with the comments but folks rarely enter a valid comment in there.  So, if you do not want that screen to come up when you reboot the machine, you can simply disable that functionality.  Follow these simple steps:

1) Start/Run, type gpedit.msc and press enter.

2) Open up Computer Configuration, then Administrative Templates and then System.  You will see “Display Shutdown Event Tracker” in the right pane.  Double click it.

3) And then disable it.


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