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No Surface Area Configuration Tool in SQL Server 2008

Posted by decipherinfosys on January 29, 2009

So, you thought that you have by now become comfortable with the Surface Area Configuration Tool in SQL Server 2005 and are ready to do the configuration once you install SQL Server 2008.  Well, the tool does not exist anymore in SQL Server 2008 and has been added to the deprecated feature list. As you will recall, we used to use SAC for doing configuration for services & connections as well as for features.

So, how can you go about making configuration changes via the GUI?  It has been divided up into different tools now:

a) Instance and Database Engine Features:

This will now be done through SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio).  Right click on the instance and select Facets as shown in the image below:


Once you select it, the next screen that you will get is this one:


And you can pick and choose what you want to confgure.  Surface Area configuration is one of the facets.  Another thing that you would note in the above image at the bottom right hand side is “Export Current State as Policy” – using this, one can then use that policy across the group in order to have a consistent environment.  We have covered policy based management before in our post here.

And likewise, for the database parameters, you right click on the database in question and select facets and will get a similar screen where you can set the parameters for the database:


b) Connections, Protocols and StartUp options:

These are done via the SQL Server Configuration Manager.  This remains exactly the same as before.  We have covered the configuration manager related work in some of our previous posts.

c) SSAS Features:

This is done via the property settings in SSMS.  Right click and select properties and you will get this screen where you can set the values:


d) SSRS Features:

This is done either by editing the RSReportServer.config file or by using the facets feature again as shown below:


20 Responses to “No Surface Area Configuration Tool in SQL Server 2008”

  1. Karl Rove said

    THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST ARTICLE ON Surface Area Configuration Tool in SQL Server 2008 – TO-DATE!

    An excellent piece – MSDN doesn’t really want to talk about this issue, if possible.

  2. it is really great article
    and very helpful
    I have to search for every feature and how to enable it by sp_configure command
    which makes me uncomfortable especially after using service area configuration in SQL Server 2005

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  4. Mike Parr said

    Really useful. Saves a lot of frustration.

  5. Bas said

    Great article,
    so, where do you think I can find an article as great as this about User instances?

    I’d appreciate your reply,

    Thanx again for this wonderfull insight I have scratching my head alot, til the point of baldness 😉

  6. jose cruz said

    I have read many manuals. Is the first information weel explainded about. Thank you

  7. ali d said

    thanx man … saved a lot of effort

  8. Steve said

    Great article… saved me a lot of time. Keep up the great work!

  9. AL said

    Useful article ! thanks

  10. Prasad G said

    Very useful information kept in one place and described the way how to use. Would be nice if it is clearly explained. Anyway nice to see all the configuration settings in one place. Thanks for the screen shots.

  11. dinesh said

    Thank You very much …

  12. Manoj said

    Excellent I got my solution

  13. Anonymous said

    Cheers, helped me out. 🙂

  14. Anonymous said

    I cant see the Surface Area Configuration for Reporting service as you have shown in step 4 . Which Facests show i open. We have RS installed on the default instance as well

  15. Anonymous said

    Wow, I love you, and I love Google for bringing me to you. This is exactly the answer I am looking for.

  16. Ela said

    excellent, saved a lot of time and effort

  17. Anonymous said

    Brilliant, really helped me working with setting up ad-hoc queries for fox pro database.

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  19. sara said

    thank you very much

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