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New wave of Analytic Databases

Posted by decipherinfosys on January 14, 2009

We have been using Microsoft as well as Oracle’s solutions for all of our projects that need any form or analytics.  A recent trend that we have seen in some of our potential client sales discussions is the usage of some new Analytic Databases.  Because of the new demands placed on the data warehousing analytics due to social networks, digital media that is available, there has been a big push towards organizing this data better and in a faster way.

We thought that we would put all of those names together in a post so that our readers can also read up more on those products:

1) Vertica: This is a company started by database expert and MIT professor Mike StoneBraker and Andy Palmer.

2) Aster Data Systems:  This is a california based start up company and has a product called Aster nCluster which is a high performance analytic database.  This was founded by Stanford Students Mayank Bawa and Tasso Argyros in 2005.

3) Existing players like Terradata and Netezza.

4) Greenplum: Pretty impressive list of customers and claims of very performant applications on petabytes of data.

5) Truviso: Another one of the innovators that provides continuous analytics of streaming data.

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