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Archive for November 24th, 2008

Searching Audios and Videos

Posted by decipherinfosys on November 24, 2008

While helping a client build up an application, one of the questions that came up was whether it is possible to search audios and videos and if so, does anything like that already exist using open source code that can be incorporated within the product. The back-end is a SQL Server database with SQL Server Analysis Services being used for the OLAP piece. The product is an aggregator of information from a wide variety of sources and one of the key items is the search patterns for news, blogs, articles, magazines, tweets etc.. And capturing the data set from the audios and videos after searching would further enhance the capabilities of this product.

While researching on ways to go about doing it, we came across a couple of options which we wanted to share with you in case you have a similar need or if you find this idea exciting and want to play with it on the site of some of the providers who already provide such capabilities:

1) Google: When it is about innovation, how can it not involve Google. Here is a link to GAUDI (Google Audio Indexing). It uses speech technology to find the keywords that you search for.

2) VideoSurf: This company has a video search technology that analyzes the images in videos.

3) Blinkx: This was a spun-off from Autonomy. It has a video search engine.

4) EveryZing: Another audio and video search engine.

5) Delve Networks: They also provide keyword search capabilities inside the videos.

The data warehouse for this client is already close to 1TB with 6 months of data – with much more search data coming our way, it will be interesting sets of challenges in the days to come 🙂

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