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Archive for November 10th, 2008

Some SSMS Tool Options

Posted by decipherinfosys on November 10, 2008

Don’t know how many of you have played around or used the different tool options that exist in SSMS. Here are some of them which can help make your life easier…in order to bring up the options choices, go to Tools/Options on the Menu:


You will get the options box that looks like this:


There are a lot of choices and changes that you can make over here – the key ones to make life a bit easier are:

1) The short cuts. See above – you can add your favorite ones.
2) If you want to play with the fonts and the colors.
3) Under Text Editor – if you see under “All Languages”, you can select Word Wrap feature (including Visual Glyphs), select line numbers, navigation bar – the word wrap is a very nice feature especially if you have lengthy pieces of code:


The code then looks something like this:


XML and Plain Text under the “Text Editor” have the same set of options.

4) Under Query Execution, you can set the timeouts, the SET options, the isolation level (especially useful if you allow your operations folks to run some adhoc SQL code – a bad idea at times but I have seen this being allowed in some places. In one of the places, the end user ended up writing a SQL which brought the system down) – having control over the settings in an environment like that helps in keeping things in check. The query governor cost limit is also a very useful option in that regard. The Advanced and the ANSI options provide a lot of value to have a controlled environment. Here is an example of how the different SET options could result into a change in the execution plans.

5) Under Query Results – a good one is to select “Include column headers when copying or saving the results.” You can also change the values for the maximum settings for the XML data.

6) Lastly, if you use scripting options in SSMS, then having a defined scripting options for the team is very nice as well.

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