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Archive for November 9th, 2008

SQL Server 2008 Licensing

Posted by decipherinfosys on November 9, 2008

We have blogged before about the different editions in SQL Server 2008, their differences and the feature sets available in them. In this post, we will provide some links to help understand the Web Edition that was introduced as a new SKU in SQL Server 2008 and will also provide some URLs to shed more light on the licensing bits for SQL Server 2008. Depending upon whether you have a client server application or a web based application, your licensing needs and the overall cost can be very different.

Best way to understand the MSFT SQL Server 2008 licensing schemes is to first go through this document: SQL Server 2008 Licensing Overview. Once you have gone through that document, take a look at the comparative pricing options for the different editions over here. Understand the different channels via which a particular edition is offered. You can also get it from the re-sellers or can get volume license (VL) deals which can work out cheaper for you. And MSFT also has a licensing advisor which can also walk you through the different options to help decide what might work best for you. And lastly, here are the FAQs related to the SQL Server 2008 licensing.

Now, a little bit about the newest kid on the block: The Web Edition. For the web based applications, this comes as a welcome relief. The limitations, benefits of this edition are mentioned over here at the MSDN post. From a licensing limitation perspective:

As is listed in one of the URLs above, the SQL Server 2008 Web Edition is available in only two Microsoft licensing channels:

• VL (Volume Licensing) and Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA).
• Client access licenses (CALs) are not applicable to the Web Edition.

The Web Edition can only be used to host and support public and internet accessible web pages, sites, applications, and services. It cannot be used to support business applications that are not accessed directly from the internet.

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