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The Google G-1 Phone

Posted by decipherinfosys on October 27, 2008

Finally, I got my Google G-1 phone. Being a T-Mobile customer, this was the best phone to get from a wide range of choices that were available to me. I did consider moving to AT&T and getting an iPhone but then would have had to cancel the plan, pay the penalty and then move. Decided against it and stuck with T-Mobile and went with the G-1. So, how is it?

Prior to purchasing the phone, I did go over the reviews done by several folks…here are two of them which were very good and very detailed:

a) Review of G-1 by Walter S. Mossberg
b) Hands on introduction to G-1

The phone is very easy to use, has very simple interface and the e-mail configuration and other device configurations were done in less than half an hour without referring any manuals.  So, what are the pluses and the minuses:

Plus Points:

1) Trackball makes it very easy to navigate through the items.  Having a keyboard is better for a person like me who finds working on the iPhone interface cumbersome at times (though one does become used to it after some time).
2) Google Applications and Google Search is very tightly integrated which is very good.
3) IM options: Google Talk, AOL, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live.
4) Music options: MP3, AMR, WMA, MIDI, WAV and M4A formats are supported.
5) The width of the screen is pretty good – smaller than iPhone but still very nice – have 3 home pages.
6) Android OS is very robust – much powerful than the Windows Mobile.  Haven’t seen much lag time.
7) Good set of applications & games sections and am sure this will grow as time passes by.

Minus Points:

1) The same battery life issue as the iPhone – you use WiFi, 3G, bluetooth etc. and you will be charging it every 4 hours.
2) Google Maps on G-1 does not seem to be as good as the Google Maps on iPhone or even the Microsoft Maps on Windows Mobile.  Still need to play with it a bit more.
3) It comes with only 1GB MicroSD memory storage.
4) It is a bit bulky as compared to iPhone 3G and it does not come with a case that has a belt clip.

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