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Choosing between GSX and ESX Server

Posted by decipherinfosys on September 12, 2008

When it comes to choosing between GSX Server vs ESX Server for VMWare, most of the companies are Ok with using GSX server for their development and QA environments but prefer to use the ESX server for their data centers and production environments. Here is a simple bulleted list on what we think are the advantages of using ESX over GSX.

Advantages of ESX

  • ESX is by far the most scalable and reliable product to work with in Datacenters in that it provides VMotion which allows machines to dynamically switch from one hardware box to another either upon a failure or an overload of that hardware box without the loss of service. Here is a link that explains this in more detail.
  • Secondly, ESX is now supported under the Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program so that if there is an issue with the Microsoft OS or application running on ESX, they will support it if running on ESX 3.5 u2. So, for shops that are Microsoft technology based shops and do not want to go to Hyper-V yet, they can move to VMWare without hesitation since it is supported now.
  • Because it is loaded upon a Linux OS, ESX server has the advantage of not needing security patch maintenance, and more importantly, it greatly mitigates the possibility of a problem with a security patch causing all the VM’s on the host server to be affected.
  • Because of ESX running on Linux, there are important performance advantages that are available for RAM and CPU that are not available with GSX due to the limitations of the Windows server which VM is loaded upon.
  • If you want to run the base version without the data center capabilities provided in VirtualCenter, it is still free to download and allows you to scale as your needs require. Some of our clients are presently utilizing ESX for their off-shore outsourcing development needs.

And here is the link to another article that validates the consensus that if one wants to use VMware in a production/data center environment then the only real choice is ESX.

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