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Some more acronyms for you

Posted by decipherinfosys on June 21, 2008

Ahhh… Acronyms – what will the IT world be without these wonderful acronyms. Yesterday, a good friend mentioned that he is working on a LAMP project. So, do you know what it stands for?

LAMP stands for:

L –> Linux

A –> Apache

M –> MySQL

P –> PHP

That’s the complete open source platform that he was using. Likewise, if you are using only a Windows based implementation, another acronym to be familiar with is WISA:

WISA stands for:

W –> Windows

I –> IIS

S –> SQL Server

A –> ASP.Net

Then, there are different permutations of these like: WISP or WASP or WIMP or WIMA (the alphabets stand for the same technologies as stated above).

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