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Different Flavors of LINQ

Posted by decipherinfosys on May 12, 2008

LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and it is a set of .Net framework extensions that allow us to query various data sources using a .Net language. There are a couple of different flavors of LINQ:

a) LINQ to SQL: This is for applications that use objects mapped to the database objects.

b) LINQ to Entities: This is for applications that need more flexibility in mapping objects to a RDBMS supported by the ADO.Net data providers.

c) LINQ to XML: This provides an in memory XML API.

d) LINQ to object: This allows us to do queries against the in memory objects.

e) LINQ to Sharepoint: This allows us to query MS Sharepoint lists.

f) LINQ to DataSet: This allows us to query DataSets.

You can get more information on LINQ using these resources:

MSDN Site, LINQ – Basic Introduction, HookedOnLINQ, LINQ to MS Sharepoint, LINQ Books – Pro LINQ, LINQ in Action.

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