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Two small problems resolved

Posted by decipherinfosys on May 9, 2008

Two small problems were resolved today for one of the client developers – you might have faced this as well, so we are posting the solution here:

1) The developer had migrated a lot of DTS/SSIS packages and was getting connection timeouts.  The reason was that he was using (localhost) in servername for connection.  And when you use (localhost), it connects over Named Pipes protocol which is disabled by default in SQL Server 2005.  It is easy to prove it…check the SQL Server Configuration Manager and if you have not made any changes, the Named Pipes protocol will be disabled:

And now, try to connect through SSMS and you will get this error:

So, once the protocol was enabled, everything worked fine.

2) The server version of SQL Server was Enterprise but the SQL Server Management Studio that another developer was using was SQL Express.  When he tried to go to the management option, he did not see the options for the maintenance plans other than the refresh option.  This is because these options are not available in the Management Studio of the Express Edition.  You need to have Standard Edition or higher.  Also, on a side note, if one does not have sysadmin privileges, you will not see the Maintenance Plans option at all.

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