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SQL Server 2005 PerfStats Scripts

Posted by decipherinfosys on January 29, 2008

If you have used the MSFT PSS group’s blocker script from version 2000, you would really love these sets of scripts that they have released for version 2005. These are a collection of T-SQL scripts that use the rich functionality of DMVs and DMFs that is present in SQL Server 2005. The scripts are very useful for troubleshooting performance issues, blocking issues, missing indexes issues etc. and we would recommend this to everyone. Just by reading the scripts themselves you will also get an understanding of how the dynamic management views and functions relate to each other and what those different columns are for.

Here is the post from the PSS SQL Server Engineers from where you can download these scripts and use them. You can then even create your own SSRS reports atop those scripts to help you create your own dashboard for troubleshooting issues.

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