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Best Practices for SQL Server and Oracle

Posted by decipherinfosys on November 4, 2007

One common questions from the clients is what are the best practices for their environment and for their type of an application – the question could be from an architecture stand-point, it can be from the production stand-point or from a disaster recovery / maintenance stand-point. The right place to start from is to look at the respective Vendor’s site(s) to look at the best practices guidelines that are offered by those vendors. Here are some links that you should read more upon:

Microsoft SQL Server Best Practices:

Oracle RDBMS Best Practices:

There are a lot of very good whitepapers, sample set-up scenarios, sample code etc. to demonstrate the best practices for different sections. These would help you to find the information that you need and see whether those best practices are being adhered to or not in your environment(s). Have fun 🙂

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