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MODL – a new way of learning

Posted by decipherinfosys on October 28, 2007

Everyday new training methods are evolving to reach out to the customers and enhance their learning experience. Portals and online applications are coming up which allow for sharing of content pertaining to high-tech training to topics such as gardening, high school mathematics etc.. Microsoft has also taken a couple of such concepts and has a program called MODL – Microsoft Official Distance Learning. The official site for MODL is:

This is a good combination of the instructor led training plus web based CBTs plus virtual reality concept like Second-life. This sounds like a very neat concept since it merges the best of all those worlds. Not only is it less expensive since the travel and lodging costs are saved (if going out of city for training), it preserves the benefits of one-on-one instructor based training classes and at the same time lets the students to work on their own pace. In addition, one of the exciting things about MODL training is the phase in which the students work through a real world problem in a virtual workspace (you can draw parallel to Second life concept here) – this really helps since application of what you learn in the class to a real world problem helps cements those concepts. We are sure that MSFT will be adding more courses in their MODL training as time passes by – right now, the list of available courses can be seen at this link.

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