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SSIS and Clustering

Posted by decipherinfosys on October 11, 2007

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) in SQL Server 2005 is not a cluster-aware service. This means that in a production environment if you are running SSIS in a cluster, you have to install it as a stand-alone service on all the nodes in the cluster. Alternately, on Microsoft TechNet, there is a article that details how to configure it in a clustered environment to make it behave as a clustered resource. This of course comes with a warning from MSFT that it should not be done – this reminds of the whitepaper that MSFT had for Analysis Services in SQL Server 2000 which stated that even though MSFT would not recommend configuring Analysis Services in a SQL 2000 cluster, here are the steps to do it 🙂

Here is the link on tech-net that you can use to get the step-by-step instructions and more details about configuring SSIS in a clustered environment:

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