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DB2 Express Edition

Posted by decipherinfosys on October 11, 2007

After Oracle and Microsoft, IBM also joined the bandwagon and came up with express edition of the DB2 LUW database. It is widely known as DB2 EXPRESS–C (version of DB2 Express edition for the community). It is free of charge without any license fees and can be used in development and can be deployed in the production environment as well. It also supports development of application using XML, .NET etc.

Unlike SQL Server, it doesn’t have any database size limitations. Some of the enterprise level features are also not available. It can use up to 2 CPU and maximum up to 4G of memory. This should be good enough for developer/DBA community, who is more proficient with other databases and want to learn the nuances of the DB2 database without running into any trial versions or any other cost issues. Companies with intentions of using DB2 database can also start with community edition for evaluation purpose. Here is the link to IBM website to download the DB2 Express-C software and to read the information about the same. Also on Howard Fosdick has written very detailed article about ‘Free DB2’ covering various aspects of DB2 Express-C edition including its limitations, possible usage and many more. Here is the link.

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