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Configuring RedHat Linux AS 3.0 virtual machine using VMWare

Posted by decipherinfosys on June 7, 2007

Here are the steps to configure a RedHat AS 3.0 virtual machine using VMWare:

1)    Start the Host Configuration in the VMWARE console.

2)    Right click on the Virtual Machine you wish to configure and choose “Virtual Machine Settings”.

3)    In the screen that pops up, choose the NIC (usually NIC1) you wish to configure.

4)    On the right hand side of the screen change the “Adapter Type” to vmxnet.

5)    Once this is done you will need to start the Virtual Machine.

6)    Once the Virtual Machine is booted, log in as root.

7)    Once logged in you will need to open a terminal. (Command prompt).

8)    Type the following using the same case:

9)    Execute  (when prompted, choose “no” when asked if you wish to change your guest x resolution).

10)    Execute the following command:
/etc/init.d/network start

11)    Click on the start button in the bottom left (a red hat).  Choose “System Settings” then choose Network.

12)    A screen will pop up.  Delete any failed/non-working devices.

13)    Click New, then Ethernet Connection, then Forward.

14)    Choose “vmxnet” and click Forward, then Forward again, then Apply.

15)    Save the Changes when prompted.

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