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Archive for May 20th, 2007

More buyouts

Posted by decipherinfosys on May 20, 2007

Recently, in an attempt to establish their foothold in the online advertising world, MSFT paid in access of $6 billion for Seattle based aQuantive. WPP bought Real Media for close to $650 million, Google bough DoubleClick for nearly $3.1 billion and now MSFT paid big dollars for this buy out. This clearly sends a signal that the brain trust at Redmond truly believe that advertising will play a big role in its future. With more and more consolidation taking place in the ad world, it seems like future advertising-related deals would be around filling out technology holes or start-ups that have an area of specialization.

On another note, talks are also rife about a potential buy out of the RSS syndicator Feedburner. Last year, the buy out of FeedBurner was tied to AOL and now it is being tied to Google. If this does happen, then Google will get to extend it’s AdSense platform to RSS feeds, one part of the digital media business where they haven’t had much success.

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