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Installing 10gR2 Client

Posted by decipherinfosys on April 24, 2007

Here are the step by step instructions:

1) Copy and unzip(if necessary) the 10gR2 client installation package.
2) Start the installation by executing either in the “client” directory:
a. setup.exe (this is for windows)
b. ./runInstaller (this is for unix)
3) Click Next


4) (Unix Only) insure the oraInventory directory is in the $ORACLE_BASE path. The group should be oinstall. Click Next.


5) Choose the Administrator option if you want to install in the Administrator mode or choose from runtime or custom if you want to pick from the individual components to install. Click Next.


6) Choose and appropriate name for the Oracle home. The one below can be used. Ensure the path specified is the correct oracle home directory. This is where the software will be installed. Click Next.


7) The installation will check prerequisites for the machine. If all requirements succeed, then Click Next. If some do not succeed, then you will need to fix the issues and start the installation over.


8 ) Ensure the Installation Type says “Administrator” Make sure the Space Requirements are met. Click Install.


9) The installation will continue with a progress bar.


10) A popup window will appear. Check “Perform typical configuration” then click Next.


11) Click Next.


12) Click Finish.


13) (UNIX only) You will need to run the scripts specified as root in order to continue with the installation. Only after they have been run, Click OK.


14) Click Exit. The installation is complete.


15) Get your tnsnames.ora file if you maintain a common file in some place and place it into the <ORACLE_HOME>/network/admin directory on the machine you just installed the oracle client. For UNIX, be sure you do this as Oracle. Test your connections using SQL plus.

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