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Multiple Same Action Triggers

Posted by decipherinfosys on April 7, 2007

At one of our client sites, they have a very large database team and in one of their key tables, their team had created multiple same type triggers at different stages of the application development.  They were using an Oracle database and wanted to know the order in which those same type triggers were being executed. However, as is clearly mentioned in the Oracle manuals, when there are same type of triggers on a table, the Oracle database chooses an arbitrary execution order and that is not something that one should rely on – you can read more on that in Oracle documentation here under the “Trigger Evaluation Order” category.

A better thing to do in such a scenario is to either consolidate all that logic into a single trigger OR just put that logic in a packaged procedure and within the trigger, just initiate a call to that procedure.  That way, the calls can be made in the right order as desired.

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