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Looking up error text

Posted by decipherinfosys on March 22, 2007

Oracle has oerr command to display the oracle text. At command prompt on UNIX box, type following. It will display entire error message with possible cause and action to fix it.

$oerr ORA 0001

For DB2 LUW, enter following command from command prompt. It will display the error text.

$db2 “?SQL7032N” (Put error code in the double quotes preceded by ?)

In the case of SQL Server, you can look up sysmessages (sys.messages or sys.sysmessages in the case of SQL Server 2005) to look up descriptions for the error.  Be sure to apply the filter for the language if you want to see only the messages in your language. 

In all these RDBMS, you can add custom user error messages as well.

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