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More on virtualization

Posted by decipherinfosys on March 2, 2007

Second beta version for VMWare for Macs software (code named fusion) is now available as a free download and the finished product is expected to be released sometime in this summer. The first beta version of the software was introduced last year in April. If you recall, rival parallels had mentioned about an update to it’s desktop for Macs Software this week.

Both in essence use virtualization to run Windows on an Apple computer and allow the user to switch between Mac and Windows without a need for a reboot.

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Oracle to buy Hyperion

Posted by decipherinfosys on March 2, 2007

In it’s continous attempt to surpass SAP in the market of business software that helps companies manage everything from HR to accounting to business intelligence to supply chain, Oracle confirmed yesterday that it would buy Hyperion for $3.3 billion. This could potentially force it’s competitors SAP and IBM to look for other acquisitions like those of Cognos or Business Objects. Read more on this on USAToday – link.

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Inserting and Updating from a Record

Posted by decipherinfosys on March 2, 2007

This is actually quite an old feature now since it was introduced in Oracle 9iR2 but still many people don’t seem to be aware of this.  Beginning Oracle 9iR2, one can insert a record using a PL/SQL record type and also update the row using the same instead of having to explicitly state the column list.  Here is an example to demonstrate this:

SQL> create table Demo_test
2  (col1 varchar2(100),
3   col2 varchar2(100));
Table created.

SQL> declare
2      l_rec t%rowtype;
3  begin
4      l_rec.col1 := ‘col1 value’;
5      l_rec.col2 := ‘col2 value’;
7      insert into Demo_test
8      values l_rec;
10      l_rec.col1 := ‘COL1 VALUE’;
11      update Demo_test
12         set row = l_rec;
13  end;

14  /
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

SQL> select * from Demo_test;

Col1       Col2
———- ———-
COL1 VALUE col2 value

Prior to 9iR2, you would have had to code INSERT INTO Demo_test (col1,col2) VALUES ( L_REC.COL1, L_REC.COL2 ), which for tables with many columns could be cumbersome.

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Posted by decipherinfosys on March 2, 2007

Should I go with Windows Sharepoint Services or should I go with Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007? This was one of the questions that was posed to us at one of the client sites. We did not have much experience with version 2007 and from our past experience with version 2003, we weren’t all that impressed but had been reading about all the new cool enhancements that MSFT did in the new version, so, we deployed it in our test lab and starting playing with it over 2 months ago and are very impressed.  We are thinking about re-doing our intranet and KMS now.  Rather than write an essay over here, I am going to point you to three very good sites which have excellent write ups on this topic and will probably help you make the choice between WSS or MOSS:

The official blog of the Sharepoint team – link.

Sharepoint Server 2007 Edition comparisons – link.

A side by side comparison between WSS and MOSS – link.

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