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Archive for February 24th, 2007

Google launches paid version of Business Applications

Posted by decipherinfosys on February 24, 2007

Eric Schmidt has been denying this from the get go that Google is not competing with Microsoft on the Office applications front but that is no longer true. They have now launched a paid version of the docs, spreadsheet, calender and e-mail programs. Fortune magazine covered this story 2 days ago – you can read more on this here.

Interesting thing to note is that companies like GE and P&G are apparently running small trials of these applications and at $50 per year for an account, Google aims to make a dent in the MSFT’s one of the biggest revenue generators – MS Office. Google is primarly targeting small to mid size businesses. There are still significant gaps between the offerings of Google and MS/Office offers so it is not a perfect apples to apples comparison – for example, there is no presentation tool (yet). Also, another thing to note is that certain industry verticals like finance, insurance and healthcare for example who need to have a tighter control over their data may not be willing to use these online applications.

Paul McDougall also covered this launch news in his article on Information Week.

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Sample Code and Sample Databases

Posted by decipherinfosys on February 24, 2007

Sample database and sample code is a great way to learn about the feature functionality in a new version of the RDBMS. Microsoft has released a download that has over 100 samples for SQL Server 2005 and they cover all the areas from Database Engine to SSIS, NS, RS, AS and Replication. We would strongly recommend you to go the site here and download the code and the sample databases. It also has help files available to help you guide through the installation and getting you started.

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Merge command

Posted by decipherinfosys on February 24, 2007

Oracle introduced the MERGE command in version 9i. This command is very useful to essentially merge the insert and the update commands in one single command. If the record does not exist, do an insert, if it does exist then update it. This helps because you do not have to write up separate statements, check for each one’s output and then proceed. This is especially of great help in the inbound interfaces where you are getting the data from another application into your schema. Here is an example:

merge into INPT_xxxx I1
on ( I2.PO_NBR = I1.PO_NBR)
when matched then
update set I1.QTY = I2.QTY
when not matched then
insert ( ….columns from I1….)
values ( ….columns from I2….)
And this is much faster than the combined insert + update statements. Tom Kyte explains this in detail on his site – link.

The merge (also referred to as an UPSERT – insert and update combined) is not available in SQL Server 2005. You can, however achieve the same functionality by using the new EXCEPT and INTERSECT operators – though that is still two separate commands 🙂 but it does make the syntax a lot more easier by removing the need for constructing complex queries:

We will do some performance analysis on these in the days to come and will post the resutls. The Merge feature was present in the beta versions of the product but not in the RTM version.

DB2 supports the Merge command as well. The syntax is exactly as in the case of Oracle. You can look up more examples over here.

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Business 2.0’s next 25 list

Posted by decipherinfosys on February 24, 2007

This is one of the best magazines out there and the articles are written very well – short, to the point and very informational. In their newest issue, they have released their new list of the next 25 hot start-ups to look out for. Here is the link. The list ranges from social networking sites (with a difference), video sites, mobile applicaitons etc.

The last time that they had introduced their list of the next 25 potential start-ups who had a potential to make it big, companies like Digg, Technorati, JotSpot, Writely (these last 2 were bought by Google) and YouTube were some of the key ones that were listed. We all know what happened with YouTube. Read the article – if nothing else, it might even give you an idea of starting up your own company with that next killer application that everyone is waiting for 🙂

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Motion Computing Announces Tablet PC for Doctors

Posted by decipherinfosys on February 24, 2007

Motion computing has partnered with Intel and has begun testing prototypes of a new tablet PC to help make doctors and nurses more efficient. The company claims that it will save doctors and nurses from as much as 60 minutes of paperwork per day.

The PC has an internal designation of C5 MCA (mobile clinical assistant), and is designed around Intel’s Centrino wireless notebook platform and Core Solo processor. The tablet PC runs Microsoft XP or Vista operating systems. Details of the C5 MCA can be found at:

Researchers from Motion and Intel spent approximately 18 months interviewing hospital workers and tested prototypes in a fairly comprehensive research and development cycle.

Intel provided not only its Centrino mobility platform for the project, but also assisted Motion with market research. Motion Computing plans to launch the C5 in 25 countries beginning in May of this year.

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IBM Releases Patch for DB2 “Viper” Security Flaw

Posted by decipherinfosys on February 24, 2007

IBM has released a patch to fix a potential security risk affecting the 9.1 version of its DB2 database software, known previously as “Viper”, that allows an attacker to elevate his/her privileges to root level by using certain DB2 environment variables. The operating systems involved are Windows, Unix, and Linux.

The IBM security notice (Security APAR IY94833) states there is no workaround for the flaw, and if the patch is not applied the database is in danger of being compromised from a security standpoint. The flaw apparently could allow malicious users to write to or alter any file on the system. Also, the vulnerability can result in buffer overflow and link overwrites.

Additional information regarding this patch can be found at:

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