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Time Outs

Posted by decipherinfosys on February 6, 2007

No, we are not talking about the time outs that you give to Kids 🙂  We are talking about the different kind of time outs that can occur in an application.  Broadly speaking, these are the type of time outs that can occur in an application:

  1. Connection Time outs,
  2. Command Time outs (like the command time out in ADO),
  3. Transaction Timeouts (like the COM+ global transaction timeout or class level transaction timeout settings),
  4. Session Time outs (IIS timeouts for example – for a website, a virtual directory, an individual ASP/ASP.Net page) ,
  5. Provider polling timeouts (like the OLEDB connection pool timeouts, KB 237977 from MSFT has more information on this),
  6. From the database side (taking SQL Server as an example):
    1. Lock Time Out : Timing out on the lock depending upon the settings used.
    2. Remote Login timeouts: For the linked server logins.
    3. Remote query timeouts: Again, for the linked servers but for the queries instead of the connections.
    4. Query wait (resource related) and Query Governor Cost Limit (execute/runtime setting and is the query cost threshold setting – helps during the benchmarks).

One Response to “Time Outs”

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