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Installing telnet on Red-Hat Linux AS 3.0

Posted by decipherinfosys on January 29, 2007

The RPM files referenced in this blog post can be found in the following location on the installation media.: the sub-directories containing the RPMS have the following Format: “CDn/RedHatRPMS”

1) Both telnet-server-0.17-26 and telnet-0.17-26 need to be installed

Check this by executing: rpm -qa | grep telnet

2) If missing, then you will need to get the required packages from the installation media, or a compatible source, and install them.
telnet-0.17-26.i386.rpm (CD2/RedHat/RPMS)
telnet-server-0.17-26.i386.rpm (CD3/RedHat/RPMS)

3) Once the installation packages are on the machine (*.rpm files), you can install them in the following manner. (It is common to
place these rpm files in the /tmp or /temp directory).

rpm -i <rpm file>

4) Execute the following command to ensure the packages are installed:

rpm -qa | grep telnet

You should see the following: telnet-server-0.17-26

5) Make sure the installation was done properly:

chkconfig –list telnet

You should see:
telnet off

6) You now will need to change the telnet configuration to on

chkconfig telnet on

7) Check the configuration:

chkconfig –list telnet

You should see:
telnet on

8 To start the service, you will need to restart xinetd:

service xinetd restart

You should see:

Stopping xinetd: [ OK ]
Starting xinetd:  [ OK ]

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