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Troubleshoot Your Windows Event Viewer Entries with EventID.Net

Posted by decipherinfosys on January 28, 2007

As all of you are well aware, there are countless numbers of websites, freeware, shareware, as well as pay software designed to help you troubleshoot Windows server infrastructures. Some of these tools are more effective than others. However, there is one website in particular that has proven to be a very helpful partner:  

The reasons for posting a blog regarding this website is not only because it is an effective source of information, but it is also rather surprising how many IT professionals are unaware of this site.  

The concept is quite simple. You can search for information on Windows Event Viewer messages, errors, or warnings by entering the event ID and/or the event source. The user is then presented with a wealth of information. First you will see a summary of search results. For example, if one searches on event ID only, the summary will list all sources which could generate that particular event ID number. Once the desired source has been selected the user is presented with a number of entries from various IT professionals describing their experiences with that particular event, and what actions they took to resolve the issue that triggered the event. In addition, each event ID result provides one or many direct links to related Microsoft knowledgebase and troubleshooting articles.  

There is a subscription fee for this service, ranging anywhere from $9.00 for three months to $24.00 for one year.  

Check it out EventID.Net for yourself – hopefully it will assist you in your troubleshooting efforts.

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